The pre-built Windows binaries require at least Windows 10 and a system-wide installation of MiKTeX 2.9 or any later version.
They don’t work together with the MiKTeX Portable Edition.

Linux Binary Packages

Some Linux distributions provide pre-built binary packages of dvisvgm. In most cases, they are available from the official repositories.

On Fedora, you can install the binary with dnf:
sudo dnf install texlive-dvisvgm
More recent versions are also available via my Copr repository.
On Ubuntu, the dvisvgm package can be installed with apt:
sudo apt install dvisvgm
OpenSuSE offers binary packages too. To install dvisvgm use yast or zypper:
sudo zypper install texlive-dvisvgm
On Gentoo Linux use emerge to install dvisvgm:
emerge dvisvgm

Previous releases

Previous releases of dvisvgm can be downloaded from the release section at GitHub.
If you’re looking for even older versions (1.9 and below), you’ll find them here.

Build dvisvgm from the sources

In order to build dvisvgm from the sources, you need to install the development files of the following libraries. They are part of nearly all Linux distributions and can be easily installed using the respective package manager.

For further information see the README and INSTALL files coming with the source archive.