11 January 2024: dvisvgm 3.2 has been released
  • Fixed a rounding issue that could lead to slightly bigger text extents (issue #256).
  • Added the macros {?pageno}, {?svgfile}, and {?svgpath} to the dvisvgm special commands.
  • Added a separate verbosity flag 8 for user messages printed by special dvisvgm:message.
  • Added the command-line option --message to allow for printing user messages after writing an SVG file (issue #258).
  • Applied this upstream patch regarding undefined type punning to the bundled woff2 library.
  • Few improvements of the manual page.
12 October 2023: dvisvgm 3.1.2 has been released
  • Improved the evaluation of graphic extents created by the preview package (issue #246).
  • Fixed the computation of the character box extents performed when using option --exact-bbox (issue #248).
  • Fixed a memory error in the optimizer module (issue #250).
  • Updated the bundled Brotli library to version 1.1.0.
29 August 2023: dvisvgm 3.1.1 has been released
  • Added evaluation of optional dash prefixes to command-line option --optimize to exclude selected optimizer modules.
  • Fixed the invalid removal of clipping paths referenced in the defs section.
  • Fixed the automatic calls of optimizer module remove-clippaths.
  • Suppress warning messages about deprecated option -dNEWPDF introduced with Ghostscript 10.02.0 (issue #245).
  • Updated the bundled xxHash library to version 0.8.2.
  • Fixed a few paragraphs in the manual page.
6 July 2023: dvisvgm 3.1 has been released
  • Added the command-line option --currentcolor to replace a given color with CSS variable currentColor (issue #214).
  • Added special dvisvgm:currentcolor to replace the currently active color with CSS variable currentColor (issue #214).
  • Added special dvisvgm:message to print given texts to the console.
  • Added support for Omega Font Metric (OFM) files.
  • Added a fallback mechanism for missing characters in OFM-based virtual fonts proposed by Takuji Tanaka (issue #241).
  • Fixed the handling of whitespace characters in PDF file paths (issue #233).
  • Fixed the vertical placement of “vertical fonts” in horizontal mode (issue #235).
  • Fixed the parsing of floating point numbers which now prevents errors when using libc++ instead of libstdc++ (issue #240).
  • Fixed potential segmentation faults triggered by missing font files (issue #241).
  • Fixed a GLIBCXX assertion error occurred if dvisvgm is built with _GLIBCXX_ASSERTIONS enabled (issue #242).
  • Improved the handling of font subset prefixes in the new, mutool-based PDF handler (issue #242).
  • Several minor code improvements.
10 March 2023: dvisvgm 3.0.4 has been released
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent reading the output of subprocesses (issue #232).
  • Removed the optional dependency on libcrypto (OpenSSL) due to the deprecation of its MD5 functions. Instead, the bundled MD5 function is always used now.
  • Added TeX Live conditionals to the build system (patch by Karl Berry).
  • Small code and manpage improvements.
21 February 2023: dvisvgm 3.0.3 has been released

This is a small bugfix release addressing these issues:

  • Fixed resetting the character context that could lead to invalid character positions and properties (issue #227).
  • Added missing #include directives required for GCC 13.
30 January 2023: dvisvgm 3.0.2 has been released

This is a small maintenance release that addresses the following issues:

  • Fixed the computation of font sizes performed by the new PDF handler (issue #220).
  • Fixed the viewBox coordinates determined by the new PDF handler (issue #223).
  • Improved the detection of font names used in PDF files (issue #224).
  • Minor code improvements, increased compatibility with older GCC versions.
10 January 2023: dvisvgm 3.0.1 has been released

This is the first stable release of dvisvgm 3. An overview of the main changes and additions can be found in the announcement of pre-release version 3.0 below. Version 3.0.1 fixes several issues reported in the last weeks.

  • Added support for the 64-bit Ghostscript library in TeX Live (patch sent by Akira Kakuto).
  • MacTeX: explicitly lookup libgs in /usr/local/lib (issue #197).
  • Fixed the character spacing when processing XDV glyph arrays. (issue #198).
  • Fixed the invalid removal of non-redundant clipPath elements in some cases if option --optimize is present (issue #203).
  • Fixed the computation of the graphics extents printed to the console when using the preview package (issue #209).
  • Several improvements of the autotools scripts (thanks to Sam James).
  • Improved the processing of fonts performed by the new PDF handler.