10 April 2024: dvisvgm 3.3 has been released
  • Added file dvisvgm.map to the default font map files being looked up automatically. It can be used to add font mappings which should always be taken into account when dvisvgm is called.
  • Added evaluation of #include and #includefirst present in font map files to allow for including the contents of other map files.
  • The conversion of CMYK colors to RGB has been modified so that the resulting colors are now close to those created by Ghostscript and most PDF viewers. Previously, a simple mapping of the color components, like cmyk(1,0,1,0)=rgb(0,1,0) for green, was used. Ghostscript, in contrast, applies ICC profiles to display colors as produced by a designated printer.
    Here’s an example showing the results of the old (left) and the new CMYK to RGB color conversion applied to a Coons shading patch:

  • Fixed the initialization of a transformation matrix which led to invalid bounding boxes when converting a sequence of DVI pages (issue #268).
  • Fixed the computation of internal Coons tensor points.
  • Updated the bundled GoogleTest to version 1.12.1.
7 March 2024: dvisvgm 3.2.2 has been released

Due to the removal of some Ghostscript-specific operators from GS version 10.02.1, dvisvgm fails to extract bitmaps embedded in PS/EPS files when using the latest Ghostscript releases (issue #264).
This dvisvgm release replaces the involved operators and should fix the issue.

29 February 2024: dvisvgm 3.2.1 has been released
  • The Ghostscript library is now only loaded when the first PostScript special is processed. This slightly speeds up the conversion of DVI files that don’t contain PS specials (issue #262).
  • Applied some changes required for TeX Live builds (patches by Karl Berry, issue #259, issue #260).
  • Added more details to some DVI warning messages.
  • Added some further information to the manual page.
11 January 2024: dvisvgm 3.2 has been released
  • Fixed a rounding issue that could lead to slightly bigger text extents (issue #256).
  • Added the macros {?pageno}, {?svgfile}, and {?svgpath} to the dvisvgm special commands.
  • Added a separate verbosity flag 8 for user messages printed by special dvisvgm:message.
  • Added the command-line option --message to allow for printing user messages after writing an SVG file (issue #258).
  • Applied this upstream patch regarding undefined type punning to the bundled woff2 library.
  • Few improvements of the manual page.
12 October 2023: dvisvgm 3.1.2 has been released
  • Improved the evaluation of graphic extents created by the preview package (issue #246).
  • Fixed the computation of the character box extents performed when using option --exact-bbox (issue #248).
  • Fixed a memory error in the optimizer module (issue #250).
  • Updated the bundled Brotli library to version 1.1.0.
29 August 2023: dvisvgm 3.1.1 has been released
  • Added evaluation of optional dash prefixes to command-line option --optimize to exclude selected optimizer modules.
  • Fixed the invalid removal of clipping paths referenced in the defs section.
  • Fixed the automatic calls of optimizer module remove-clippaths.
  • Suppress warning messages about deprecated option -dNEWPDF introduced with Ghostscript 10.02.0 (issue #245).
  • Updated the bundled xxHash library to version 0.8.2.
  • Fixed a few paragraphs in the manual page.
6 July 2023: dvisvgm 3.1 has been released
  • Added the command-line option --currentcolor to replace a given color with CSS variable currentColor (issue #214).
  • Added special dvisvgm:currentcolor to replace the currently active color with CSS variable currentColor (issue #214).
  • Added special dvisvgm:message to print given texts to the console.
  • Added support for Omega Font Metric (OFM) files.
  • Added a fallback mechanism for missing characters in OFM-based virtual fonts proposed by Takuji Tanaka (issue #241).
  • Fixed the handling of whitespace characters in PDF file paths (issue #233).
  • Fixed the vertical placement of “vertical fonts” in horizontal mode (issue #235).
  • Fixed the parsing of floating point numbers which now prevents errors when using libc++ instead of libstdc++ (issue #240).
  • Fixed potential segmentation faults triggered by missing font files (issue #241).
  • Fixed a GLIBCXX assertion error occurred if dvisvgm is built with _GLIBCXX_ASSERTIONS enabled (issue #242).
  • Improved the handling of font subset prefixes in the new, mutool-based PDF handler (issue #242).
  • Several minor code improvements.
10 March 2023: dvisvgm 3.0.4 has been released
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent reading the output of subprocesses (issue #232).
  • Removed the optional dependency on libcrypto (OpenSSL) due to the deprecation of its MD5 functions. Instead, the bundled MD5 function is always used now.
  • Added TeX Live conditionals to the build system (patch by Karl Berry).
  • Small code and manpage improvements.