TeX distributions that provide dvisvgm
  • MiKTeX
    A pretty complete TEX distribution for Windows with a nice package and update manager maintained by Christian Schenk. Since December 2015 is has also offered a dvisvgm package. You can find separate dvisvgm binaries for MiKTeX on the download page, too.
  • TeX Live
    Since 2010 dvisvgm has been part of this most complete and highly portable TEX distribution provided by the TEX Users Group (TUG).
  • W32TeX
    A Web2C-based TEX distribution for Windows maintained by Akira Kakuto. The package dvitools provides an up-to-date version of dvisvgm.
Projects that use dvisvgm
  • Asymptote
    Asymptote is a powerful descriptive vector graphics language that provides a natural coordinate-based framework for technical drawing. It uses dvisvgm to create SVG output.
  • CodeCogs Equation Editor
    The web-based equation editor uses dvisvgm to generate SVG output from LaTEX equations.
    This Inkscape extension allows to convert LaTEX math code to SVG directly within Inkscape.
  • LatexRender-ng
    Waldeck Schützer’s LatexRender-ng filter provides an easy-to-use add-on to embed LaTEX fragments into websites. It also offers an option to generate SVG images using dvisvgm. Have a look at the demo page.
  • Madoko
    Madoko by Daan Leijen is a fast markdown processor for writing professional articles, books, manuals, webpages and presentations, with a focus on simplicity and plain text readability. It uses dvisvgm to generate SVG images of math formulae, figures, and other non-textual contents.
  • PGF/TikZ
    Version 3.0 of Till Tantau’s PGF/TikZ graphic system for TEX introduced an SVG driver that uses dvisvgm to create SVG graphics directly from TEX/LaTEX.
  • plasTeX
    The LaTEX document processing framework plasTeX uses dvisvgm to create SVG images of LaTEX snippets.
  • Stog
    Stog is a static website generator similar to Jekyll. It uses dvisvgm to create SVG images from math equations embedded in the page sources.
  • TeXclip
    TeXclip is a web-based equation editor that creates PNG, EPS or SVG images from LaTEX equations.
  • TexMaths
    TexMaths by Roland Baudin is a LibreOffice extension that allows to enter and edit LaTEX equations directly within LibreOffice documents.
Related projects
  • dvisvg
    Another DVI to SVG converter. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be maintained any longer.
  • pydvi2svg
    A Python-based DVI to SVG converter which doesn’t seem to be maintained any longer either.
  • dvi2svg
    One of the first DVI to SVG converters available but it’s no longer provided anywhere, unfortunately.

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