15 July 2015: dvisvgm 1.10 has been released

This is a small feature release with the following additions/changes:

  • Support for the new XDV format 6 introduced by XeTeX 0.99992 has been added.
  • The mapping of PostScript character names to Unicode points has been improved.
8 April 2015: dvisvgm 1.9.2 has been released

This is a maintenance release with the following changes:

  • Avoid retracing of fonts if options --no-fonts and --trace-all=y are given.
  • Skip tracer messages if no glyphs have been traced.
  • The build system has been extended to generate code coverage reports.
  • Some tests of the test suite have been improved.
  • Several general code refactorings and improvements.
28 February 2015: dvisvgm 1.9.1 has been released

This is a maintenance release with the following changes:

  • The pattern syntax of option --output has been extended to support width specifiers and arithmetic expressions. See the manual page for further details.
  • The formatting of the manual page has been improved.
  • A Clang build issue has been fixed (patch by Peter Breitenlohner).
  • A build error occurred with old MinGW compilers has been fixed.
  • Code cleanup and some refactorings.
16 February 2015: New responsive website theme

I’ve replaced the old colorful, fixed-sized website theme with a more straightforward and responsive one. It’s based on the nice Bootswatch collection by Thomas Park.

29 December 2014: dvisvgm 1.9 has been released

This is a feature release with the following additions/changes:

  • Partial evaluation of the PostScript operator shfill which allows to create color gradient fills has been added. The recent version of dvisvgm supports the approximation of free- and lattice-form triangle meshes as well as Coons and tensor-product patch meshes.
  • The command-line options --grad-segments, --grad-overlap, and --grad-simplify to adapt the approximation of gradient fills have been added. See the manual page for further details.
  • Option --no-merge has been added. It forces dvisvgm to create separate text elements for each character (patch by Khaled Hosny).
  • When searching the location of the Ghostscript library, dvisvgm now also looks up the file path in the Windows registry.
  • A bug in the interaction of color specials with PostScript color operators has been fixed.
  • The validity check of DVI files has been corrected.
  • The free replacement script opt2cpp.py for my non-free opt2cpp.xsl stylesheet has been added. It’s required to create the C++ files from the XML file defining the command-line options. Thanks to Khaled Hosny for the implementation and for providing it for free.
29 August 2014: dvisvgm 1.8.1 has been released

This is a small maintenance release.

  • dvisvgm now removes clipPath elements that are not referenced in the SVG file.
  • Unexpected bop/eop operators present in PostScript specials are no longer evaluated. This prevents side-effects e.g. when using the standalone document class.
  • A few improvements to configure.ac have been applied (patches by Khaled Hosny)
  • Redundant code has been removed.
30 July 2014: dvisvgm 1.8 has been released

This is a feature release with the following additions/changes:

  • The new command-line option --clipjoin tells dvisvgm to directly compute intersections of clipping paths and not to delegate this task to the SVG renderer.
  • The new command-line option --relative creates relative rather than absolute path commands.
  • The evaluation of PostScript operator clippath has been added.
  • PostScript operator show has been fixed to prevent the creation of unintended path overlays.
  • A memory leak in the font engine has been fixed (patch by Khaled Hosny).
  • Option --list-specials no longer throws an exception.
  • Cygwin builds of dvisvgm now look for the proper filename of the Ghostscript DLL.
8 June 2014: dvisvgm 1.7 has been released

This is another small feature release with the following additions/changes:

  • All DVI files are pre-processed now in order to allow the implementation of features that rely on data not available on the pages being converted.
  • The evaluation of hyperref specials has been improved. Internal links that reference targets on different pages are supported now.
  • The special command dvisvgm:rawdef has been added. It allows to insert raw SVG fragments to the <defs> section of the SVG file.
  • The special commands dvisvgm:rawset, dvisvgm:endrawset, and dvisvgm:rawput have been added. For further information, see section support of specials of the manual page.
  • dvisvgm no longer adds redundant missing-glyph elements to the generated SVG files.
  • The support of external fonts required by XDV files (DVI files created by XeTeX) has been improved.
  • The extent values assigned by the preview package are now correctly displayed in TEX point units.